Attendance 360, Biometric Attendance System


Streamlined Attendance Monitoring Through PPOX HRMS Online Attendance System.

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The Entire Employee Journey

Manage employees from Onboarding to offboarding

From the tasks of recruitment and termination to overseeing employment contracts and designing organizational frameworks, Employee Management and HR have become significantly more streamlined.

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Unlock a Smarter Future for HR, Biometric Solutions for Modern Workforces

Make the Shift to an Online Biometric Attendance System and Bid Farewell to Traditional and Tedious Attendance Tracking. Discover PPOX’s Key Features Today!

Transitioning from Chaotic Paperwork to Effortless Efficiency

This is how PPOX onboarding and offboarding software will help you stand out from the competition

Benefits of Bio-Metric Attendace System

Experience PPOX Biometric Integration & Implementation

Experience PPOX Biometric Integration & Implementation, the ability to customize and tailor the biometric solutions to match the specific needs and requirements of an organization.

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Experience PPOX  Onboarding & Offboarding Now.

It’s time to eliminate the drudgery of office tasks and transform those towering piles of paperwork into a more productive way of working. Start your journey toward increased efficiency today.

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